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Hola! My name is Margarita (aka Dr. Taco), I moved to Berlin, Germany from my beloved Guadalajara, Mexico (best place on earth) in 2015 for doing my PhD, with a luggage full of hopes and dreams, shortly after they were shuttered, but somehow I stayed to live here. I decided to become a (mad) scientist early in high school, but I officially started with science somewhere during bachelor’s (2009-2010 is very blurry now). I have an interest in many things (cooking, baking, plants, medicine, physical and social phenomena, psychology, AI, history of random things, people’s lives and thoughts, and pretty much any possum hole I fall into at 2 am reading on my phone) and I use this space to write about them, my daily experiences, stories of the past, present and thoughts of the future, but also sometimes just to share a new book I started, my comments on some random science article, a thought I have when looking at people on the street, or basically just some gossip.

This space keeps notes on all these things, here you will find some stories of experiences that on many occasions would be my own, but sometimes they belong to a friend, relative, or just some random people I know, in order to keep them as anonymous as possible I will always refer to a friend of mine as the main character on the story, also I will assign random names that are totally unrelated to the actual people in the story. Keep in mind that sometimes I write some posts in Spanish, I use English as a borrowed language that lets me communicate with more people, but in some stories I can only find enough words in my native brain.

Enjoy the reading!

Disclaimer: All the posts presented here are personal opinions and should be considered carefully by the reader as so.

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My cooking experiments

Tres leches cake
Svekolnik (cold borscht)
Cottage cheesecake

My favorite cuisines to cook are Russian, Mexican, Korean, and Italian. And my boyfriend and I are collecting recipes.

My formal research

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